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Candyman continued...

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So I enthusiastically signed up at Daily Motion and spend several hours uploading all my vids yesterday evening. Only a couple of hours later, the first vid was taken down and today, all vids are gone. So much for Daily Motion, I'm going to delete my account there then.


People just won't let me share my vids with you, will they? What harm am I doing anyways? I own the songs, I paid for them and I own the SN DVDs. All I'm doing is sort of promoting the series and enjoy making vids. Apparently this is evil. And yes, I know about copy rights yadayadayada, but it's not like I'm making money of it. Jeez!

Off to work. Got 2 days training.

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Not nice at all.

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No. *sends Dean to YouTube to kick their asses* .... *and instructs him to swing by later on* *grins* Good thinking there, is it not? *g*

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Did you try uplooading it to Photobucket? They never deleted any of my videos.
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I tried that once yes, but the quality is really bad and you can't receive any responses.

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OMG that sucks! :(
stom ja...
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Ja, inderdaad ja! Stupid YouTube. Ik denk dat het iets te maken heeft met bekendheid. Die vids die ze eraf gehaald hebben, hebben heel veel kijkers gehad, dus ik denk dat die dan in the picture waren en dat ze daarom de aandacht kregen van YouTube.... shit

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I don't understand that they take your vids down. How many vids on youtube etc. contain scenes from movies and shows... at least 50%, right? And as you said it's sort of promotion and doesn't harm the copyright owners, which is why they usually condone it.

I'm sorry for you, sweetie *hugs*
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I just commented to Annemiek that I think that they were in the picture. Those vids have had numerous viewers. Candyman over 44000 times. So I think they caught their attention and so YouTube deleted them. I'm not the only one, but it sucks. I have them posted on MySpace too, but they just don't draw that many viewers as on YouTube and on YouTube I get such great comments. *sigh*

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ok that's rude.

but, you could put them on Photobucket... or ... uh, imeem? i think thats' the site.
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I tried Photobucket, but it's really bad quality and you can't get any comments. It's not as accessible as YouTube. I have them on my MySpace too, but again, not so accessible. I tried Imeem before, but it never worked for me. I tried to upload vids several times, but the uploading process just got stuck. So yeah, sucks big time. Not sure what I'm going to do now.

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bah. that sucks. *hugs*