Oct. 16th, 2008

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So I enthusiastically signed up at Daily Motion and spend several hours uploading all my vids yesterday evening. Only a couple of hours later, the first vid was taken down and today, all vids are gone. So much for Daily Motion, I'm going to delete my account there then.


People just won't let me share my vids with you, will they? What harm am I doing anyways? I own the songs, I paid for them and I own the SN DVDs. All I'm doing is sort of promoting the series and enjoy making vids. Apparently this is evil. And yes, I know about copy rights yadayadayada, but it's not like I'm making money of it. Jeez!

Off to work. Got 2 days training.
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And in the Candyman soap, the next installment....

I tried Imeem again. I said in my previous post/comments that I had tried it before, but that it didn't work for me. I see Imeem has changed since the last time I used it (like 2 years ago...) Anyways, I signed up and uploaded 2 vids. I'm going to wait now and see if they stay on. If so, I will upload my other vids there too. I hope Imeem has a lot of viewers too, because, as I said earlier too, I like the feedback people are giving on YouTube and the amount of people it reaches. I just hope that fans will be able to find their way to my vids on Imeem too.

Now I'm going to bed and rest a bit. The training is not easy and since I'm not only participant, but people still see me as the Assistant, they are asking me all kinds of things anyways, even though I'm not there in my role as Assistant... and I had to arrange lunch too and stuff... so yeah, I'm tired and tomorrow we are starting at 8, so I will have to leave early from home to be there in time.

I hope I will be able to watch SN before I'm off to work too by the way. I managed to do that this season and I hope I can do so again tomorrow morning. And then it's the weekend! Wooohooo!

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