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Here is a list of all my vids so far (newest on top) with download links and links to YouTube and Imeem. On Imeem, you can subscribe to my vids with the following RSS feed link: As soon as I post a new vid, you will be notified.

If a download link has expired, please drop me a line and I'll reupload.

Below is a  video-player, where you can watch my vids too. Click on "playlist" at the bottom left side of the player to see more vids. Feedback is always appreciated. Please visit YouTube or Imeem to leave a message or post a comment here if you like. Unfortunately, YouTube deleted all my Dark Angel vids, and recently a Supernatural vid. If you would like to see those, please visit one of the other sites.

Chevys Vids

Chevys Vids

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Yes, I haz leftovers. LOL! Some of them are actually quite good, but some not so much and I still uploaded them. You can find them in my photobucket. Click on Jensen to go there.

Yes Jensen, more you... *g*

Oh and one Jared leftover too! Don't know how I missed that one.


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I played around in photoshop with some of my favorite Jensen Con pictures. I created a black and white one too, since I love that. Beware of flailure. Click on the pictures for full size (if you dare.... )

Jensen LA Con Mar 09Jensen LA Con Mar 09 b&w
Jensen LA Con Mar 09Photobucket
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Next up are Jared and Jensen together on stage.

For those who have missed the posts of the single Jensen and Jared pics, here are the links:


Click on the picture for the Jensen & Jared pictures. Please credit when using. Thank you.

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Definitely not as many as Jensen, but hey, I'm a Jensen fan.

There will be coming up pics of the two of them also, so there is somewhat more Jared to look forward too.

Please credit when using. Thank you.

LA Con Mar 09 - Jared

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Here's the first part of the LA Con picture posts. Jensen is up first. Please credit when snagging. That is all I ask. If you want to leave a link to any iconage or art work that you have made, that would be cool. I could use some new icons. ;-) Thank you.

Click on the picture to go to the Jensen bucket. Enjoy!

LA Con March 2009 - Jensen
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Here's a tiny preview of Jared pics that I took. Only a couple more days before I post the rest.

Again, please credit when taking. Thank you.


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OK, I can't help myself. Here's a preview of many many pictures that I took at the Con. I still need to sort them and upload them, but I'll do that when I'm home on Sunday.

These are all Jensen, but I have pictures of all the guests.
Watch it when you click for the bigger pictures. I might cause drooling or gasping or flailing even... *g*

Oh, and if you are using any of these, please be so kind as to credit me. Thank you.






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Hi all,

Still in LA with my friend Heather. I'm loving it.

Just a quick message here, because horrible news came to me about Danneel. I've not read all the wank and stuff, but what I heard was shocking to me and it hurts. Here is MY story:

Danneel was there in the autograph room behind Jensen and I asked the security guard if I could ask her something. He asked her and she was like: sure you can. So I asked her for an autograph for [ profile] annemiek81 , because she was not there at the con and Danneel was so sweet. I said that I only had a plain piece of paper, but that was ok. She wrote a personal line to Annemiek and she signed it. She was really sweet to me and on a shallow note, she's gorgeous!

Anyways, I'm trying not to pay too much attention to this whole thing, but it's hard. I hate it when people are so jealous that they are telling the whole world that she is a bad person. I usually don't say much about things that cause wank in this fandom, but this gets to me. She is really really sweet. At least that is my first encounter with her in person and that is the wonderful memory that will always stick with me.
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MySpace has deleted your profile because we have received repeat complaints of copyright infringement regarding your account. As you know, MySpace's Terms of Use Agreement provides: It is the policy of to terminate Membership privileges of any Member who repeatedly infringes the copyright rights of others upon receipt of proper notification to by the copyright owner or the copyright owner's legal agent.

Thank you,

This is insane!! I really would like to know who was telling them repeatedly that I violated copyright infringements. I never heard anything.

So all my friends gone and all contact information and all the musicians sites that I had friended. This is just stupid!!

I officially hate MySpace and YouTube.


Feb. 1st, 2009 06:19 pm
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Not the most intelligent post, but I don't care. Just GUH!

Base thanks to [ profile] andreas_ri

(click for bigger)

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F*ck you YouTube. My best viewed vid has been targeted too. Can't get you out of my head has been deleted. It was everyone's favorite: 53758 views
There's not going to be many video's left on my channel.

Off to fix the links on my website and in LJ again. This is becoming a weekly task.
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They removed the sound of Supernatural Kisses too. I hate YouTube. Whenever I put something on there, they either take it off or remove the sound. I'm angry. I'm not making any money out of this and this is pure entertainment and creation. I own the song. I own the dvds. Don't they have anything better to do.

Off to redirect watchers to Imeem...

New E-card

Jan. 5th, 2009 03:07 pm
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And spamming my flist today, but "working" from home leaves me time to create and post a new E-card. Hope you like it.

You can send E-cards from the E-card service on my website Chevy's Creations

Thanks again Mutsie for the wonderful mask. I'm experimenting with them.... I'm adding colors... *g*

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Hi guys,

I love long weekends. I updated my website Chevy's Creations and added a brand new Happy Birthday card to my E-card service.

If you would like to send a fellow SN fan a unique card, check out the E-card service here. There are different subjects, so there might be a card you can use to cheer up a friend or invite someone over or wish a friend a happy birthday.

This is the newly added Happy Birthday Card which will certainly put a smile on your face

Have fun with the E-card service!

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Finally!! I made a new vid. Supernatural Kisses. Title says it all, the boys kissing.

I'm so happy with my laptop. Vidding is so much easier and faster now. I really enjoyed making this vid ... obviously when I'm making one of the boys kissing.. *g*... but I mean technically. It's nice that I can make the vids more smoothly and that the sound or images don't stop with every effect that I put in.

Well, enough talk. Here is the vid. Enjoy!!

ETA: Apparently it takes quite a while for the vid to completely load. Please allow it to load a while, otherwise you will have annoying buffering. I promise you that it's worth while ;-)


Download from MediaFire: mpeg/ 720x480/47MB/duration 3.17 mins
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And in the Candyman soap, the next installment....

I tried Imeem again. I said in my previous post/comments that I had tried it before, but that it didn't work for me. I see Imeem has changed since the last time I used it (like 2 years ago...) Anyways, I signed up and uploaded 2 vids. I'm going to wait now and see if they stay on. If so, I will upload my other vids there too. I hope Imeem has a lot of viewers too, because, as I said earlier too, I like the feedback people are giving on YouTube and the amount of people it reaches. I just hope that fans will be able to find their way to my vids on Imeem too.

Now I'm going to bed and rest a bit. The training is not easy and since I'm not only participant, but people still see me as the Assistant, they are asking me all kinds of things anyways, even though I'm not there in my role as Assistant... and I had to arrange lunch too and stuff... so yeah, I'm tired and tomorrow we are starting at 8, so I will have to leave early from home to be there in time.

I hope I will be able to watch SN before I'm off to work too by the way. I managed to do that this season and I hope I can do so again tomorrow morning. And then it's the weekend! Wooohooo!
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See previous post:

So I enthusiastically signed up at Daily Motion and spend several hours uploading all my vids yesterday evening. Only a couple of hours later, the first vid was taken down and today, all vids are gone. So much for Daily Motion, I'm going to delete my account there then.


People just won't let me share my vids with you, will they? What harm am I doing anyways? I own the songs, I paid for them and I own the SN DVDs. All I'm doing is sort of promoting the series and enjoy making vids. Apparently this is evil. And yes, I know about copy rights yadayadayada, but it's not like I'm making money of it. Jeez!

Off to work. Got 2 days training.
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You Tube took off one of my best viewed vids, Candyman. I'm not a happy bunny this morning and I'm late for work too.

*shakes fist at YouTube*

I need to find another vid host I think, because they also took my Dark Angel vids down months ago. I know YouTube gets the most viewers from all the vid hosting sites, but when they keep taking my vids down, no one can see them.