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It's been a while since I did something creative picture wise, so I made a picspam today. One picture of each eppy. I did this before, but didn't post it here. I posted it over at the Gutter.
Anyways, I did another one and here is the result:
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Credit for the screencaps goes to ExtremeFanGirl, Leggyslove, Marishna and I made some myself.

Hope you enjoyed watching it, as I enjoyed making it.

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Here are two more posterpics. Not a lot, but funny I think. I think Trystan came up with focussing on a specific part of the first picture first. I cropped the complete picture myself later, but credit goes to her for the initial idea. (if it was Trystan..)


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I haven't done this in a while, but I made some new posterpics tonight. I used the first picture in an icon already, but it is such a beauty, that I couldn't resist using it for a poster too.

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A few weeks ago, I made a supersized icon picspam (here). I made a few more, so here is part two. I used some of the icons in comments already, so they may look familiar to some of you. Thanks to Marishna for the hi-res picture of the Dean icon (211 Playthings)


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And like last time: the small icons for you to use. Please do not hotlink, credit (cg_chevygirl) but most of all, enjoy!

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A while ago, I made a Jensen Eye Contact picspam (here). I wanted to make a Dean Eye Contact one, but I thought there weren't enough pictures. I have found a bunch of pictures now, in which he seems to be looking straight at you, so here it is. Some are better than others, but feel free to drool over those anyway.

Credit for the hi-res files goes to Leggyslove, Marishna and ExtremeFanGirl. I have photoshopped the pictures myself.


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I have seen many wonderful icons here in LJ. They inspired me to make icons too and I have been playing around with Photoshop a bit.
For making them, I used hi-res pictures (my thanks to several LJ members who uploaded them). I made the icons in a large size first and then reduced them to 100x100 icons.
I kept the large versions and thought it would be fun to post those as well in a SuperSizedIcon picspam.

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And for those who like them and want to use them, below are the 100x100 icons. Please credit (Chevy or [ profile] cg_chevygirl)

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I made some black & white pictures which I wanted to show. I got the idea from the black & white icons by [ profile] trustygeek.
(this is not an icon picspam though).


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This is the first picspam I made. I wanted to make one of the rare moments that Jensen/Dean looks into the camera during SPN eppies, but they are so rare that it became a really small picspam! So I made a Jensen one instead. Definitely flooring hazard here!



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I don't know where I got all the pics. Some have JAF tags on them, some are screencaps I made myself and some I snagged from friends. Thank you all who provided the pics.
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