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LA Con 09 - Jensen pics

Here's the first part of the LA Con picture posts. Jensen is up first. Please credit when snagging. That is all I ask. If you want to leave a link to any iconage or art work that you have made, that would be cool. I could use some new icons. ;-) Thank you.

Click on the picture to go to the Jensen bucket. Enjoy!

LA Con March 2009 - Jensen

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Thank you so much!!! Incredible!!! :)
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Thanks. I'm glad that you like them.

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No, really, your pics are among the bestest! :D

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Great pics, really! ♥ How can he be that gorgeous? :) You must have had a very good seat to take such clear pictures.
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He's even more gorgeous in person though. Don't know how that is possible.

I have practiced using the camera, because even if you have a good seat and you don't know how to use the camera, you will still have bad pics.

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I know what you mean. I met him in Chicago last November and pictures just don't do him justice.

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Gorgeous pics!
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thanks! I hope you can use them for graphics. I have seen some of you already with other pics. Gorgeous! I will be snagging when I catch up.

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WOW! Awesome pictures! I've saved them for iconing. I'll link you once I'm done. ;)
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Enjoy! and thanks.

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AWESOME photos! Thanks for sharing them.
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You are welcome. Jared ones are up next.

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So much pretty. Thank you, bb :)
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You are welcome. Will post more today.

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Thanks again for the awesome pics. I just fell in love again. :-)
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LOL! Glad it had that effect on you.
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Hehe! I love your icon!

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*Giggles* That one gets alot of use too!