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chevy ([personal profile] chevy) wrote2009-03-31 07:47 am

Short LA Con message

Hi all,

Still in LA with my friend Heather. I'm loving it.

Just a quick message here, because horrible news came to me about Danneel. I've not read all the wank and stuff, but what I heard was shocking to me and it hurts. Here is MY story:

Danneel was there in the autograph room behind Jensen and I asked the security guard if I could ask her something. He asked her and she was like: sure you can. So I asked her for an autograph for [ profile] annemiek81 , because she was not there at the con and Danneel was so sweet. I said that I only had a plain piece of paper, but that was ok. She wrote a personal line to Annemiek and she signed it. She was really sweet to me and on a shallow note, she's gorgeous!

Anyways, I'm trying not to pay too much attention to this whole thing, but it's hard. I hate it when people are so jealous that they are telling the whole world that she is a bad person. I usually don't say much about things that cause wank in this fandom, but this gets to me. She is really really sweet. At least that is my first encounter with her in person and that is the wonderful memory that will always stick with me.

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