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Sticky Post Chevy's Creations

My Website Chevy's Creations

click on the image to go to Chevy's Creations

Visit my website where all my creations are in one place. There are comment options too, so you can leave me a message anywhere. I'd love it if you did. In the vids section, you can also rate the vids.

There is a section for sending e-cards too. I still have to make some more, but there are for example Happy Birthday cards. You can send a friend a unique Supernatural/Jensen card. So try it in the e-cards section.

My fics are hidden under Dreamworld. A password is required to enter that section. Please email me/ leave a message if you want access. The stories are in my Livejournal too. I used a special fic filter on that post. If you can't access the stories, you can request being added to the fic filter too.

For the rest, enjoy the pretties.