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Here is a list of all my vids so far (newest on top) with download links and links to YouTube and Imeem. On Imeem, you can subscribe to my vids with the following RSS feed link: As soon as I post a new vid, you will be notified.

If a download link has expired, please drop me a line and I'll reupload.

Below is a  video-player, where you can watch my vids too. Click on "playlist" at the bottom left side of the player to see more vids. Feedback is always appreciated. Please visit YouTube or Imeem to leave a message or post a comment here if you like. Unfortunately, YouTube deleted all my Dark Angel vids, and recently a Supernatural vid. If you would like to see those, please visit one of the other sites.

Chevys Vids

Chevys Vids

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I have been listening to this song for a couple of weeks now with the idea of making a vid to it. It seemed too hard, but still I tried and in the end it turned out ok.

Song Title/Vid Title: Dark Angel - Pain Redefined
Vidder: Me, Chevy
Artist: Disturbed / Pain Redefined
Characters: Alec, Max and the Manticorians
Warnings: Violence I guess
Summary: Alec goes from fighting Max and almost killing her to fighting alongside her. Both of them are dealing with the painful memories and difficult aftermath of Manticore. They try to fit in, but raised as killers, they are a danger to normal society and their loved ones. In the end they are outcasts, but Alec and Max stand together.

Watch it here:

Or watch it on YouTube

Download link in my sticky post. If it has expired, leave me a message and I'll reupload.

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