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Jan. 5th, 2009 03:07 pm
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And spamming my flist today, but "working" from home leaves me time to create and post a new E-card. Hope you like it.

You can send E-cards from the E-card service on my website Chevy's Creations

Thanks again Mutsie for the wonderful mask. I'm experimenting with them.... I'm adding colors... *g*

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Hi guys,

I love long weekends. I updated my website Chevy's Creations and added a brand new Happy Birthday card to my E-card service.

If you would like to send a fellow SN fan a unique card, check out the E-card service here. There are different subjects, so there might be a card you can use to cheer up a friend or invite someone over or wish a friend a happy birthday.

This is the newly added Happy Birthday Card which will certainly put a smile on your face

Have fun with the E-card service!

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Yay! I got time and energy to do something creative after work in the middle (well almost) of the week!

I made a new E-card with the fantastic Jensen Promo and a wonderful mask made by Mutsie ([ profile] creamuts).

If you want to send a friend a Thank you card, go ahead and visit the ecard section on my website Chevy's Creations and send a digital card.

While you are there, check out the other E-cards too or the other creations on the site.



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For those of you who do not know about this yet, I have Supernatural Xmas e-cards up at my website Chevy's Creations. So if you want to send a friend a special personalized Supernatural Xmas e-card, you can do so by using my e-card service in the e-card section on my website Chevy's Creations .

One of the e-cards on the website

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Happy holidays everybody!
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I finally figured out how to make snowing animations. I had snow files for icons, but I couldn't use those for my larger e-cards, so I made snow masks myself and made a new e-card with it.

You can find more Supernatural e-cards in the e-card section on my website Chevy's Creations .

For those of you who do not know yet, on my website there is an e-card service where you can send a friend a unique Supernatural e-card. There are X-mas cards, but also birthday cards or cards like "Thinking of you". There are several to chose from. Go have a look and try the service.

This is the latest e-card

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Yeah, I know it's early, but days are flying by and it's X-mas before you know it. I am making Supernatural x-mas e-cards for the e-card service at my website. I have made 4 so far, but I'll be making more.

So, if you want to send a friend a special Supernatural e-card this year, please try out the e-card service. There are also other cards to chose from, such as birthday cards.

You can find the e-card service here @ my website Chevy's Creations

Sample (resized)

Image Hosting by

Behind this link is an example of a X-mas e-card. There are many options for different colors and backgrounds. You can choose yourself which colors and backgrounds to use )

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I've put up an e-card service on my website Chevy's Creations. You can create your own greeting card with my creations. There aren't many up yet, but enough to play around with. I also made backgrounds, which you can use in combination with the e-card.

If you want to send someone a unique Supernatural or Jensen card, go check out the service on my website in the section E-cards.

As said, there will be more cards in time, but I have to make them first. I'm updating my website almost every day, so please check it out. You can also add a link to your favorites of course. This is the address:

There are plenty of possiblities to leave a message or a comment. I like feedback, so feel free to use the guestbook or the comment links on several pages.

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