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Yay! I got time and energy to do something creative after work in the middle (well almost) of the week!

I made a new E-card with the fantastic Jensen Promo and a wonderful mask made by Mutsie ([ profile] creamuts).

If you want to send a friend a Thank you card, go ahead and visit the ecard section on my website Chevy's Creations and send a digital card.

While you are there, check out the other E-cards too or the other creations on the site.



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I made a header from a screencap of 3.10 and a Jensen photo from the John Russo photoshoot.

You can find the full-sized header (980 x 460) on my website Chevy's Creations in the section Banners/Headers

Feel free to snag, resize if you need, credit me: Chevy and please do not hotlink. Put it in your own picture host first.

I won't put a preview here, cause I don't know if everyone has seen the eppy already. If you have seen the episode already, then you can view the preview under the link.

Preview header 3.10 )

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For those of you who do not know about this yet, I have Supernatural Xmas e-cards up at my website Chevy's Creations. So if you want to send a friend a special personalized Supernatural Xmas e-card, you can do so by using my e-card service in the e-card section on my website Chevy's Creations .

One of the e-cards on the website

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Happy holidays everybody!
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I finally figured out how to make snowing animations. I had snow files for icons, but I couldn't use those for my larger e-cards, so I made snow masks myself and made a new e-card with it.

You can find more Supernatural e-cards in the e-card section on my website Chevy's Creations .

For those of you who do not know yet, on my website there is an e-card service where you can send a friend a unique Supernatural e-card. There are X-mas cards, but also birthday cards or cards like "Thinking of you". There are several to chose from. Go have a look and try the service.

This is the latest e-card

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Yeah, I know it's early, but days are flying by and it's X-mas before you know it. I am making Supernatural x-mas e-cards for the e-card service at my website. I have made 4 so far, but I'll be making more.

So, if you want to send a friend a special Supernatural e-card this year, please try out the e-card service. There are also other cards to chose from, such as birthday cards.

You can find the e-card service here @ my website Chevy's Creations

Sample (resized)

Image Hosting by

Behind this link is an example of a X-mas e-card. There are many options for different colors and backgrounds. You can choose yourself which colors and backgrounds to use )

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I've uploaded 5 more episode banners on my website. They are Season 1 banners. You can find them here in the episode banners section and here on the next page. I've completed the banners up to eppy 1.13 now. More will follow.

Full size = 800x300
Feel free to snag/use, but upload onto your own picture host first please. No hotlinking please.

Click on the previews to see full size:

1.09 Home
1.12 Faith
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I've put up an e-card service on my website Chevy's Creations. You can create your own greeting card with my creations. There aren't many up yet, but enough to play around with. I also made backgrounds, which you can use in combination with the e-card.

If you want to send someone a unique Supernatural or Jensen card, go check out the service on my website in the section E-cards.

As said, there will be more cards in time, but I have to make them first. I'm updating my website almost every day, so please check it out. You can also add a link to your favorites of course. This is the address:

There are plenty of possiblities to leave a message or a comment. I like feedback, so feel free to use the guestbook or the comment links on several pages.
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Updated my website. Feel free to check it out.

I'm still adding rating boxes to the vids section, but the first page is ready. So you can now rate the first 5 vids in the vids section.

Click here for: Chevy's Creations

Clich here to go directly to: The Updates
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I made a graphic of Jensen's picture in Teen People, posted by Hopefulness in Dean_Sam. Thanks very much for that.

I made it in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, since I didn't have access to my regular Photoshop program. It's pretty big: 1250x1703.

Click on the picture to see the full Pretty.

Image Hosting by

I can't access my photobucket account right now, but when I'm home, I will transfer the picture from Picoodle to Photobucket. I don't think you can save it now if you wanted to, so I will fix that tonight. Will also post it on my website Chevy's Creations in the section "Other Graphics" tonight.
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I've been playing again. With masks in Adobe Photoshop. I love the John Russo picture and wanted to do something with it. this is the result:

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I also posted this on my webite Chevy's Creations in the section "other graphics".

masks: BB#12_by creamuts#09 @ & FBmasksIP mask 03
picture: courtesy of Loon
font: Anglican Text by Dieter Steffmann @
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I'm playing around with textures and brushes and mask brushes. The original was breathtaking enough, but thanks to Cesstrelle's brush ( and playing with features, this came out of it:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also posted on my Website Chevy's Creations in "Other Graphics"
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Since yesterday, I posted two new banners on my website Chevy's Creations in the banners section. I promised to keep posting in here too, so here's what I made. An animated banner that I started a couple of weeks ago and now finished. And a banner with a picture of Jensen at the ComicCon. Picture courtesy of Persephone. That banner is now my new Journal header too.

When taking, please do not hotlink, but upload the image onto your own picture host first and please credit me.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Full size behind the cut )