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Website:Chevy's thoughts over at LJ
Admirer of Jensen Ackles, the most amazing actor I have seen in a long time.

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Shelmfair of TwoP Forums on Jensen's Characters:

MmmmAlec is like your first crush, the boy you fell in love with when you were both too young to really want to settle down and neither of you were really ready for total committment but you had fun together and he will always have a special place in your heart because he was your first love;

Jason - is the nice, kind (initally anyway) sensible boy you met a few years later that mum and dad really liked and were hoping you'd marry and you did love him, you really did cos he was so sweet and adorable but just maybe a little too vanilla and you know that you want something with a little more edge so;

Dean - comes along and that's it! Totally hook, line and sinkered, crazy in love cos he's smokin' (where Alec was pretty and Jason was cute) essentially good, kind and decent but with that little edge you just need in a man and also he has a hot car and it's true love forever and ever. The End.

See, totally okay to love them all and you never cheated on any of them ;)

ETA: Jensen, of course, is your fantasy boyfriend and we all need one of them even if we're dating Dean.

More Me

I'm a creative creature and I'm curious of nature.
I love to play around with the computer, making all kinds of graphics (poster pics, vids, icons, banners, picspams etc.)
I also like to write; put my inexhaustible imagination on paper.
I love listening to music.
I'm very communicative and easy going.
Don't like rude people.
I'd like to look at the bright side of things; think positive

I appreciate small things in life, like a sun ray, or the smell of freshly mowed grass, or a beautiful flower, a soft breeze on a hot day, a candle or lights in the dark, things like that. Simple things can put a smile on my face instantly. Not that I'm never grumpy or sad, cause I am, that's only human. But as said, I'd like to look at the bright side of things. Life is too valuable to waste. I'd like to make the best of it.

On a practical note for those who are not aware of it; I read/speak English, German and Dutch (obviously...) I can read French and probably speak it too if someone tortures forces me to and I can read/speak some Spanish too. So, especially to German friends, feel free to communicate in German. That's fine by me.

My Website Chevy's Creations

click on the image to go to Chevy's Creations

Visit my website where all my creations are in one place. There are comment options too, so you can leave me a message anywhere. I'd love it if you did. In the vids section, you can also rate the vids.

There is a section for sending e-cards too. I still have to make some more, but there are for example Happy Birthday cards. You can send a friend a unique Supernatural/Jensen card. So try it in the e-cards section.

My fics are hidden under Dreamworld. A password is required to enter that section. Please email me/ leave a message if you want access. The stories are in my Livejournal too. I used a special fic filter on that post. If you can't access the stories, you can request being added to the fic filter too.

For the rest, enjoy the pretties.

By rip_67

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By Apieceofcake

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By me from 3.10

A tiny other addiction...

I love the Calvin & Hobbes cartoons. The little guy is just brilliant. Calvin has this stuffed animal, a tiger, Hobbes, which is alive to him, but others just see it as a stuffed animal. You can find Cartoons of Calvin & Hobbes here More information on the story and books @ Wikipedia

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