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Woohooo! Jensen is going to the LA Con. I bought a photo ops ticket, at least I thought I did, but apparently the order did not go through, so I ordered again. I asked for a confirmation again, but I have no news yet. So either I will end up with no tickets or with 2 tickets. If I have to chose, I'll go for the latter. It's really bad that an order does not go through and that I have to wait for a confirmation now, which makes me nervous. But I hope it turns out ok.

And for squeeeage, I got a focus picspam. I did one waaaay back and thought it was time for another one. I had this one sitting on my computer and with RealLife in the way, I did not have time to post it.

Focus on Jensen again!! )

ETA: Visa blocked my card without my knowledge. They sent me a letter in the mail, but I haven't received that. They thought criminals were trying to hack my visa card. Therefore I was not able to purchase anything with my Visa card. I wish I would have found out about this earlier. I will try later to purchase a ticket again and then hopefully I can crawl into bed. I'm soooo tired right now.

Kuddos to Creation who has tried to process the order manually.

New E-card

Jun. 21st, 2008 07:16 pm
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I made a new e-card and added it to the selection on my website Chevy's Creations in the e-card section

Mask by Mutsie BB25#02 - Picture credit Supernatural Media

If you haven't checked it out, go have a look. There are SN e-cards in the e-card section for special occasions. It's a great way to send a fellow fan a thank you or wish them a happy birthday etc.


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Dammit! They removed all my Dark Angel vids. It won't be long now until they delete my Supernatural vids I'm afraid.

Please visit my website if you want to see them: Chevy's Creations

You can also go to the masterlist in my journal and download them.

People really know how to destroy other people's small joys in life, don't they!

F*ck You YouTube!

No love,
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Yay! I got time and energy to do something creative after work in the middle (well almost) of the week!

I made a new E-card with the fantastic Jensen Promo and a wonderful mask made by Mutsie ([ profile] creamuts).

If you want to send a friend a Thank you card, go ahead and visit the ecard section on my website Chevy's Creations and send a digital card.

While you are there, check out the other E-cards too or the other creations on the site.



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Val's post led me to Moonilicious's post (thank you Moonilicious!) with the new releases of Season 2 promos and I just had to do something with the Jensen ones. I made a wallpaper.

Enjoy, drool, stare or use... or in another order ....

Click on the preview for full size

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I finally made a new wallpaper. I only made one before. I was inspired by oooofairyoooo's brushes. I used a screencap from Oxoniensis from eppy 3.10.
Size: 1024x768.

Click on the preview for full size


Snag if you want, please do not hotlink, credit Chevy.

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I made a header from a screencap of 3.10 and a Jensen photo from the John Russo photoshoot.

You can find the full-sized header (980 x 460) on my website Chevy's Creations in the section Banners/Headers

Feel free to snag, resize if you need, credit me: Chevy and please do not hotlink. Put it in your own picture host first.

I won't put a preview here, cause I don't know if everyone has seen the eppy already. If you have seen the episode already, then you can view the preview under the link.

Preview header 3.10 )

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I'm getting a lot of reactions to my vids these days, so I decided to update my master vid list in my sticky post and I added a video player with all my vids in it.

You can find the master vid list here

My vids are also on You Tube

And on my website Chevy's Creations

Mostly Jensen/Dean vids for those who don't know yet. If you haven't seen the vids, go check them out.

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I gotta say thank you to everyone who watched - and squeeed over - my latest vid. I got such wonderful comments and several friends pimped the vid too. It has been watched hundreds of times since I posted it yesterday and it has lots of honors on YouTube. I got comments over at my MySpace too. Squeeeing and happiness all around. It makes me happy too that the vid (and Jensen's smile) put so many smiles on so many faces.

I'm glad that something positive came out of it after a couple of weeks of less positive talk about Jensen on boards and LJ, which made me sad. This is what I wrote in my blog on MySpace. I want to say it again here:

It is a joyful vid of a charismatic, brilliant and gorgeous actor, who deserves respect and appreciation for what he does.

Finally, here are the stats after hardly a day on YouTube. Now this is what makes ME breathless!

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For those who have missed this, you can find all the links here in my journal
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Thank you everybody for squeeeing so much over my new Jensen vid. I'm totally blown away by the wonderful comments.

And look at this! Only one hour on YouTube

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

#100 top favorites today
# 17 top favorites entertainment

Just wow! And thanks again everyone who commented, pimped, watched, smiled...thank you

ETA; just posted this and it has 109 views already!!

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It's been a while since I made my last vid, but I did it again. It's a Jensen appreciation vid. This vid is one that will put a smile on your face. It's a compilation of interviews and specials. Jensen has great charisma and a beautiful smile. At some points in the vid I had a hard time editing, cause I was so distracted by the view. LOL! I got it done though and here is the vid for all you fangirls to enjoy. If you want to, you can embed the vid in your profile or website, just credit me please. A "made by Chevy" will do. Thanks.

Now, make sure you are surrounded by cushions or safely on the floor, cause the thudding is going to hurt otherwise...

Enjoy Jensen!

Watch on YouTube

Enjoy Jensen over and over again: download link (wmv /11 mb)
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For those of you who do not know about this yet, I have Supernatural Xmas e-cards up at my website Chevy's Creations. So if you want to send a friend a special personalized Supernatural Xmas e-card, you can do so by using my e-card service in the e-card section on my website Chevy's Creations .

One of the e-cards on the website

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Happy holidays everybody!
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As some of you might know, next to this LJ, I have a MySpace too. My MySpace is set to friends only and you have to be a member of MySpace in the first place to access it.

I thought I'd show my other Jensen heaven here in screencaps for those who are not on my friendslist there, but are curious or are thinking of friending me. And also, for those who are not on MySpace, so they can drool over my other Jensen heaven *grins*. Of course you will not be able to see the droolworthy slideshows, listen to the music or play the vids, but you get an idea of what the page looks like. You can watch the vids here on LJ too or on my website Chevy's Creations. My vids are all in the masterlist here. And I can redirect you to the poster pics here in my journal or on my website Chevy's Creations.

If you want to friend me on MySpace, you can do that now, since I put my profile on public for a while. Please send me an email on MySpace, saying that you know me from LJ if you want to be friended, so I know where you come from. This is my MySpace address:

Here are the screencaps of the page. I cut the page in 3 parts, because it's quite large. Just click on the thumbnails and make sure you click on the picture again to enlarge. It will be as if you are browsing my Chevy's Space. If you have any questions about graphics, for instance the posterpics or the slideshows, drop me a message and I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can post the slideshows here too I'm sure I can post the memes in here too. Just let me know ok?

Enjoy my other Jensen heaven! )
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Click here for part I of Entirely Dean

The second part is here!

2.07 Usual Suspects

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More Dean )
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Snagged from [ profile] willoweese who snagged it from [ profile] raloria and [ profile] trystan830

The Supernatural Meme

Read more... )
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I finally figured out how to make snowing animations. I had snow files for icons, but I couldn't use those for my larger e-cards, so I made snow masks myself and made a new e-card with it.

You can find more Supernatural e-cards in the e-card section on my website Chevy's Creations .

For those of you who do not know yet, on my website there is an e-card service where you can send a friend a unique Supernatural e-card. There are X-mas cards, but also birthday cards or cards like "Thinking of you". There are several to chose from. Go have a look and try the service.

This is the latest e-card

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Val and I were talking about doing an Entirely Dean picspam, but she had a somewhat other idea than I had, so now you are getting different picspams from both of us. What I was going for, was Dean completey in the picture (or almost completely) and I think Val meant something like "only Dean" or "characteristically Dean". Check [ profile] x5vale's journal for other Dean spams. She has been bombarding us with some pretty spams already!

So, here is the first part of my picspam. There will be more, but I can't put them all in one picspam, that's a bit much.


Houses of the Holy
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More Dean )
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Yeah, I know it's early, but days are flying by and it's X-mas before you know it. I am making Supernatural x-mas e-cards for the e-card service at my website. I have made 4 so far, but I'll be making more.

So, if you want to send a friend a special Supernatural e-card this year, please try out the e-card service. There are also other cards to chose from, such as birthday cards.

You can find the e-card service here @ my website Chevy's Creations

Sample (resized)

Image Hosting by

Behind this link is an example of a X-mas e-card. There are many options for different colors and backgrounds. You can choose yourself which colors and backgrounds to use )

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[ profile] ckll posted another picture from the photoshoots of Jensen in Japan here and I decided to post all the pictures I have of that photoshoot (cropped them all) Thanks to CKLL, [ profile] marta_kent, Supernatural Russia website and thanks to Anja for untagging the preview picture. If I forgot to credit anyone, please feel free to comment. There have been so many pictures and post from his visit to Japan that I'm not sure who posted what in the past. Now bring on the untagged original ones!! anyone?

For now enjoy the Pretty in Japan with or without text...

Jensen in Japan

Enter Japan )