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LA Con 09 - Leftovers

Yes, I haz leftovers. LOL! Some of them are actually quite good, but some not so much and I still uploaded them. You can find them in my photobucket. Click on Jensen to go there.

Yes Jensen, more you... *g*

Oh and one Jared leftover too! Don't know how I missed that one.


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I already love your leftovers. Will come back for the PB album on sunday. Thanks so much! *hugs*
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You are welcome. I'm looking forward to your Asylum pics already.

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Thank you!!!
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The Jensen preview certainly is!

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Hi Jensen! Hi Jared! I want your photo-taking fu, I really do. Gorgeous pictures!
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I'd love to click on Jensen and go there ;-)

Lovely pics Chevy :-)
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Thanks! and *g*

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Your pics are defitely going to kill me. They're perfect. Thanks for sharing them. ;)
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Hehe! Thanks. You are welcome. I'm glad that I can make other people happy with the pics too.

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He sure is! ;-)
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Hey hon! I just got an account here to back up my LJ, so I'm adding you here too. XD