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chevy ([personal profile] chevy) wrote2009-04-08 10:18 pm

Photoshopped LA Con pics

I played around in photoshop with some of my favorite Jensen Con pictures. I created a black and white one too, since I love that. Beware of flailure. Click on the pictures for full size (if you dare.... )

Jensen LA Con Mar 09Jensen LA Con Mar 09 b&w
Jensen LA Con Mar 09Photobucket

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I think I'm gonna die from hotness overload. ;P
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He sure is gorgeous!

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gah! *thud*

i still have to save some your pretty pics.... *guh*

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hehe oh yeah. if i'm not flailing all over the place.....

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You did a great job honey.

So how was your experience? Email me if you like :)
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I still have to post about the LA vacation yes.