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LA Con 2009 - Jensen & Jared pictures

Next up are Jared and Jensen together on stage.

For those who have missed the posts of the single Jensen and Jared pics, here are the links:


Click on the picture for the Jensen & Jared pictures. Please credit when using. Thank you.

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Thank you so much!!! Let the drooling continue! :D
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Hee! yes. I discovered that I didn't post all the Jensen pics either. I still have some of him solo when they were on stage together, so another Jensen post might follow...

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*Face plants* Yep...even dedder!

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*Smothers grin* :)

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I'll definitely save some of those (Jared and Jensen solo as well) ♥ :)
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LOL! I'm glad that you like them so much.

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oh pretty! *yum*

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*is envious of you*

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You have so many amazing pics. Have to check them out properly later. ;)
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Thanks! Glad you like them.