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LA Con Mar 09 - Jared pics

Definitely not as many as Jensen, but hey, I'm a Jensen fan.

There will be coming up pics of the two of them also, so there is somewhat more Jared to look forward too.

Please credit when using. Thank you.

LA Con Mar 09 - Jared

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Thank you!!! :)))
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You are welcome!

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You're killing me here, girl. ♥ These are amazing, thanks so much for sharing.
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Hehe! I'm glad that you like them. I will send you the link to mediafire too for the original sized pics.

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You're the best. Thank you so much, Chevy!!

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Definitely not as many as Jensen

As it should be.

I'm a Jensen fan.

You mean that people aren't?? BLASPHEMY.

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You mean that people aren't?? BLASPHEMY. Hehe! I know!

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oh very pretty pics!
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They are! And more are coming up. From the boys together

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oh yaay!

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More ded!!!
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LOL! you make me laugh.

What are you going to be when I post the pics of the boys together? Most ded? *g*

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Even dedder?
*Gigglesnorts* :)

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Same as with Jensen. Snagging and will credit and link you once I've iconed. ;) Thank you so much for sharing these! You're a doll! *smooches*
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Will you post in your LJ? Looking forward to the icons.

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Yes, I will post in my LJ. I'm planning on getting to work on them soon. Stay tuned! ;)