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LA Con 09 - Jared pics preview

Here's a tiny preview of Jared pics that I took. Only a couple more days before I post the rest.

Again, please credit when taking. Thank you.


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Whooooo!!!! I am in your LJ snagging!!!!
*Glees everywhere*
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Hehe! You make me laugh *hugs*

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*G* I am gathering all Jared for a huge Jared at LACon picspam(same as I am for Jensen). So I am excited by these! And these turned out amazing!

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Veeery nice! Looking forward to the full posts! :D
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It's going to be torture going through the pics! Especially the Jensen ones. But I'm brave. I will do that... *g*

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Damn, those pics are really good! Can't wait for the rest!
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Coming up soon!

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Thank you so much!!! :)))
The pics are absolutely great!
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Thanks. More is coming up soon.

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Aww, look at those dimples ♥ These pictures are just lovely. Thanks so much for posting these, hon.
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Hey you! I will send you all the pics as soon as I can. I'm so happy that we still have our picture on Heather's camera. Hope you are ok. HUGS

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You're my hero. ♥

And yeah, glad Heather made a pic of us too :)

Are you enjoying your time in Cali or are you back home in Holland already?
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I'm going home today. I don't like it. I wanna stay.

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I second that emotion. I'd love to stay. We're flying back tomorrow. Have a safe trip home and see you then ♥

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Loooove these pics!!!!

Mega scherp! En zooo dichtbij! *drewl*

Ga snel je andere posts lezen. Gok dat je een super tijd hebt gehad!
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Ja het was geweldig! Ik ben wel blij met de pics. ze zijn goed gelukt

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Dat zijn ze zeker!!!
Goed gedaan!

Als je er nog meer hebt van Jared.... houd ik me aanbevolen! :D

Jensen is handsome!!!!!!!!!!!