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WTF!!! MySpace

MySpace has deleted your profile because we have received repeat complaints of copyright infringement regarding your account. As you know, MySpace's Terms of Use Agreement provides: It is the policy of to terminate Membership privileges of any Member who repeatedly infringes the copyright rights of others upon receipt of proper notification to by the copyright owner or the copyright owner's legal agent.

Thank you,

This is insane!! I really would like to know who was telling them repeatedly that I violated copyright infringements. I never heard anything.

So all my friends gone and all contact information and all the musicians sites that I had friended. This is just stupid!!

I officially hate MySpace and YouTube.


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I've heard they were doing this to people that used certain music players. I myself use a suspect music player on my page but they have yet to delete my page for using this so i dont know who it is that "reports" copyright violations that lead up to them deleting your account... Try as its kinda close to myspace without all the BS
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Re: Myspace

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Thanks for the info. I indeed put a new player on my space just a week or so ago. I guess I shouldn't have done that then... I sent MySpace an email asking them to put my page back and tell me what I did wrong, so I can correct it. I hope it works. Otherwise I will have to build a new one and try to find all my friends back.... This sucks!

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Yeah and if you have to recreate myspace and dont want to risk this happening again, i'd give a try. It's like myspace on steroids like for example in myspace, you can chat in their chatrooms and on fubar they have lounges that are like chatrooms but there are live Dj's there that take live song requests that play through your speakers while your chatting in the lounge... It's really neat. In any case, let me know what happens
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Re: Myspace

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Oh wow! That sounds good. I will check it out for sure when I have time.

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What?? Oh no. I'm not on myspace and after reading this I don't think I'll be joining either.
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It's a shame, because I had friends on there that I don't have on LJ and we don't really email, but communicate through myspace messages and emails. And I also lost the musicians sites and the emails that Jason Manss has sent me. I just wish that I had saved those somewhere. I'll say it again (and a lot more often today) this sucks!

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Oh no! I didn't know Myspace was cracking down like that.
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Usually you get a warning when copyright infringement is involved. But somone above said that it might have to do with the music player that I put on there. I hope they will restore my page...

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I never had the time to check out your MySpace profile. What did you have there that they banned you?
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Probably a music player as mentioned above in the comments. That just must have been it, because I never had problems before.

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Oh that sucks. Big time! I created my account only two weeks ago or so and i wanted to add some kind of music list as well. I tried to get my thing in the profile but without success. I googled for help and i read that MySpace is blocking it due to legal issues. Seems like the music-industries tries to force them to do so. But why should they delete you account??? Anyway, right now i only have one song and that one is enabled by the artist for use on MySpace.
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It's stupid yes. And oh bugger, I added you too and now I have to find you again too. *sigh* I guess it's going to take some time before I have everyone back

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Do you have your account back or did you create a new one?
Mine is
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I created a new one. And I think that I'm going to stick with that one too... It's now chevynl and that is easier and I didn't like chevybabe so much anyways... Thanks for the address. I know what I will be doing this weekend! LOL

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That's terrible!!!
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Yeah, it is. Fortunately I saved the HTML codes, so the page will be back up in no time. It's just that I lost the emails, comments and friends. That sucks the most. Anyways, I have some work to do this weekend. LOL! the only thing I can do is keep smiling and hoping that I will find my friends again. Sometimes with all the different internet names it's a bit hard though...

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You've got to be kidding me? Your myspace was lovely, what a bunch of arseholes.

PS How you doing chicken? Ok?
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I'm ok, thanks. As said above, copying and pasting the codes will be no problem. I hope I can find everyone again though and it's a shame because of the emails that Jason sent me. Those are lost forever now. I'm setting up the new space this weekend and I'll add you again. HUGS

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That's really insane, if you didn't do anything. You're not very lucky with internet sites, lately. :\ First Youtube...

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Ha meis! Ik heb zelf geen MySpace ben sindskort wel lid van Facebook. Deze heeft 1 nadeel: ze hebben hun rechten aangepast en alles wat jij upload naar jou profiel wordt als Facebook eigendom beschouwd...

I don't understand those kind of websites anymore... Because you uploaded a different music-player they accuse you of copyright violation??? WTF???


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Ik heb moeite met Facebook. Ik weet nooit wat ik daar doe. LOL! al die applicaties.... anyways, ben nu thuis en ik ga mijn space opmaken... heb ik nog wel aardig wat te doen. Meteen kans om een mooie nieuwe layout te maken als het lukt.

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Ach Facebook heb je zo door, als ik het kan kan iederen het =DDDD!!!

Ik ga well ff een kijkje nemen dan! Wat is you user-name @ MySpace???

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dit ben ik! ik sta wel op private dus je moet even een friends request doen of je moet me even die van jou geven zodat ik je kan frienden

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Ja....dus... Maar ik ben net hele avond bezig geweest en ik heb een nieuwe. Wat is jouw adres? ik moet je nog frienden. Kun je meteen even kijken hoe het geworden is (tot zover....)

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WHY IS THIS HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so ridiculous, so ridiculous
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It is, but my new space has been set up and I like it. I'm still waiting for everyone to add me back though. That is a bit of a hassle.