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chevy ([personal profile] chevy) wrote2009-01-24 05:54 pm
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OK, I've had it...

F*ck you YouTube. My best viewed vid has been targeted too. Can't get you out of my head has been deleted. It was everyone's favorite: 53758 views
There's not going to be many video's left on my channel.

Off to fix the links on my website and in LJ again. This is becoming a weekly task.

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Ow that sucks so much, I'm sorry! YouTube can be such a pain in the ass!
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It certainly has been the last couple of weeks. They take off vids or sound almost every week. It sucks.

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Sorry hun :-(
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Thanks for your icon... I could use a real piece right now...

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YouTube sucks.

Ze hebben bij een filmpje van mij ook de muziek uitgezet ! Nou dan kunnen ze net zo goed het hele ding wegdoen ! Pfffft ...

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Argh, I'm sorry. It was really hard to delete my videos and see my account all empty. So sad!