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chevy ([personal profile] chevy) wrote2009-01-18 11:18 am
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Dammit YouTube!

They removed the sound of Supernatural Kisses too. I hate YouTube. Whenever I put something on there, they either take it off or remove the sound. I'm angry. I'm not making any money out of this and this is pure entertainment and creation. I own the song. I own the dvds. Don't they have anything better to do.

Off to redirect watchers to Imeem...

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I just noticed Youtube is taking off the sound of some videos. That is just SO ridiculous. How stupid! :(
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Too bad that on Imeem hardly anyone is reacting to vids. That is what makes You Tube fun. You can see reactions of fans. Imeem is just not as well known I guess....

(Anonymous) 2009-01-18 12:34 pm (UTC)(link)
we know how you's a new system they're operating..

With us it's even gone as far as making a second youtube channel just to test's absolutely retarded..especially since people who make videos do tend to credit the original makers of the videos, the songs,...
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I keep redirecting everyone to Imeem. At least they don't remove my vids or the sound. The quality is better too. But like I said earlier, too bad people don't comment much on Imeem.

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Sometimes, that's just stupid of Youtube. We all know it's just for entertainment. :\