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New Chevy vid - Supernatural kisses

Finally!! I made a new vid. Supernatural Kisses. Title says it all, the boys kissing.

I'm so happy with my laptop. Vidding is so much easier and faster now. I really enjoyed making this vid ... obviously when I'm making one of the boys kissing.. *g*... but I mean technically. It's nice that I can make the vids more smoothly and that the sound or images don't stop with every effect that I put in.

Well, enough talk. Here is the vid. Enjoy!!

ETA: Apparently it takes quite a while for the vid to completely load. Please allow it to load a while, otherwise you will have annoying buffering. I promise you that it's worth while ;-)


Download from MediaFire: mpeg/ 720x480/47MB/duration 3.17 mins

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Oh my god, such a hot and sweet vid, I totally love it. ♥
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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you!!! I LOVED IT!!! echt geweldig! Ik miss Sarah! en Lisa! en Jess!! Niet veel blonde meisjes in de vid huh? *g* dat viel me op, meer donkere! hahah heb jij ff geluk! *g*

Thanx for sharing! so gaaf!
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Nu je het zegt, inderdaad weinig blondjes. Dat was me nog niet opgevallen. Nou, ik wou dat ik inderdaad zo lucky was. *g*

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It's suddenly got very warm in here ;-) Mmmm...

Downloading this , thanks Chevy :-)
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Glad you like it. You icon isn't helping either *g*

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I am now a pile of goo thank you very much! ;)

Oh... and stupid YOUTUBE... they took down my Closer Vid for Dean & Shapeshifter!Dean. *sigh* **growls**
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You are most welcome *evil grin*

*kicks YouTube* Do you have them somewhere else too? You might try Imeem?

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That's really nice! But damn, I'm kinda jealous! LOL
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Believe me, I'm there with you! *g* Lucky lucky girls

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Oh yeah...

Btw, I hope it's ok that I friended you, already some time ago. I saw some videos from you and thought it's the best way to stay up to date. ;) I really liked what I saw!
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Thanks! and sure! ... I did friend you back right? Didn't I?

*runs off to check*
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I just friended you back. Sorry that I missed that.

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Thanks, no problem. :)

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This is too perfect for words.
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Nice huh? Now the next vid should feature us, don't you think?

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Yes, us, with him, in the GUTTER!

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