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chevy ([personal profile] chevy) wrote2008-10-16 08:47 am
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Candyman continued...

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So I enthusiastically signed up at Daily Motion and spend several hours uploading all my vids yesterday evening. Only a couple of hours later, the first vid was taken down and today, all vids are gone. So much for Daily Motion, I'm going to delete my account there then.


People just won't let me share my vids with you, will they? What harm am I doing anyways? I own the songs, I paid for them and I own the SN DVDs. All I'm doing is sort of promoting the series and enjoy making vids. Apparently this is evil. And yes, I know about copy rights yadayadayada, but it's not like I'm making money of it. Jeez!

Off to work. Got 2 days training.

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