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Candyman deleted

You Tube took off one of my best viewed vids, Candyman. I'm not a happy bunny this morning and I'm late for work too.

*shakes fist at YouTube*

I need to find another vid host I think, because they also took my Dark Angel vids down months ago. I know YouTube gets the most viewers from all the vid hosting sites, but when they keep taking my vids down, no one can see them.


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That sucks :-/

Maybe try That's were I host my vids
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Oh thanks! Will check it out.

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Copyrights issues?
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Yeah, sigh...

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Did they tell you why they took it down? I once got a mail from YouTube and they told me i´m using copyrighted music and yadayadayada but they said that the owner of copyright agreed that i can keep it online. I was worried anyway and deleted the vids.
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Yeah, again the copyrights. But they deleted it for me. Will check out other sites.

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bah, that sucks.

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Yeah, I'm checking out DailyMotions now
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I think I might need to change my userpic there real soon... I have a pink ribbon on my head there now... Heee!

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hehehe LOL! :D

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Sorry hun :-(